About us

The Autism Research Trust raises funds to predominantly support research conducted at the Autism Research Centre (ARC) at Cambridge University.

The ARC is at the cutting edge of autism research. Under the leadership of Professor Simon Baron-Cohen, the ARC aims to develop our understanding of the causes of autism and to evaluate interventions to ensure that people affected by autism receive the best possible support.

With your help we aim to fund cutting edge research that will influence understanding and services worldwide. The Autism Research Trust strongly believes that by investing in high quality research we can make a difference to the lives of those affected by autism, both now and into future generations.



ART has facilitated the inaugural fellowship between the University of Cambridge and the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Dr Dwaipayan Adhya is using ground breaking iPSC technology to study autistic neurons.

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London Marathon 2018 ART

We are excited to announce we have one charity ballot place for the Virgin Money London Marathon 2018, so if you’re up for the ultimate challenge please apply today! We also have two places for The Big Half, a brand new event for 2018.

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We would like to introduce to you our new community fundraiser – CommuniCAKE!
At its heart it’s a simple cake sale, to be carried out in your own home but, crucially, the name plays on the word Communicate, a key challenge for a lot of people with autism. Through this campaign we want to raise awareness of how tough social situations and interactions can be.

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