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The Autism Research Trust raises funds to predominantly support research conducted at the Autism Research Centre (ARC) at Cambridge University.

The ARC is at the cutting edge of autism research. Under the leadership of Professor Simon Baron-Cohen, the ARC aims to develop our understanding of the causes of autism and to evaluate interventions to ensure that people affected by autism receive the best possible support.

With your help we aim to fund cutting edge research that will influence understanding and services worldwide. The Autism Research Trust strongly believes that by investing in high quality research we can make a difference to the lives of those affected by autism, both now and into future generations.


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Meet the Researchers: We speak to Florina Uzefovsky, who is finishing her second year as a visiting fellow at the ARC. Florina’s speciality includes understanding the genetic and biological basis of empathy. We hear about what drives Florina in her research, including her striking analogy of the blind scientists trying to figure out what an elephant is…

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Chloe Ridgwell and Darina Donohoe embraced the ultimate cycling challenge on Sunday 31st July, pedalling for 100 miles in this prestigious Olympics-inspired event to raise money for the Autism Research Trust.

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ART was delighted to be one of the two charities selected for the Battle of Stamford Bridge Gala Boxing Night on Wednesday 6th July.
We would like to thank ART ambassador, Jools Holland OBE DL, for introducing us to the Royal Regiment of Artillery and the Corps of Royal Engineers.

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