Conceptual Artist Jon Adams to perform at the Cambridge Festival of Science

GWTWH image

ART is excited to announce that Jon Adams’ revolutionary play Games with the Water Horse will be performed at the Cambridge Union in March, as part of the Science Festival.

Games with the Water Horse is a heartfelt and sincere performance installation piece. At its heart, it is an exploration of consciousness, life story, art forms, and neuro-diverse thinking. 

Conceptual artist Jon Adams has learnt the play as a memory journey. Set in two parts Jon will interact with the audience, telling a condensed ’60 minutes’ of his and others’ interwoven lives. Drawing upon linear time and Fibonacci numbers, he will describe connected events informed by his autism and synesthesia.

The piece was originally commissioned by ‘Workinprogress’ and premiered at Venice Biennale15 as part of Venice Agendas, and shown at Turner Contemporary Margate during their ‘Risk’ season. It was developed with support from New Theatre Royal’s Creative Lab.


Games with the Water Horse, Cambridge Union, Monday 13th March at 4pm. Tickets will be on sale from February and cost £10, with proceeds donated to the Autism Research Trust.